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GO Voyages is one of France’s biggest online air ticket vendors with the widest choice of flight-only deals at the best prices, departing from cities all over the world. The company’s success in the flight-only sector has led it to offer a wide range of travel products: weekends, tours, hotels, dynamic packaging (tailored offers: flight/train + hotel), cruises, thalassotherapy, ski, car hire, accommodation rental and holidays in France and abroad. GO Voyages has the widest product range on the market and references all fares (public and negotiated) available from more than 665 airlines. Go Voyages teams have been staffed with expert negotiators since 1997. Their aim is to secure the most competitive rates on the market from our partners so that we can offer the lowest possible prices.

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Logo in color and icon:



Pantone 377C
CMYK C58 M15 Y100 K1
RGB R124 G168 B43
Hex #7ca82b


Pantone 367C
CMYK C41 M4 Y98 K0
RGB R165 G198 B61
Hex #a5c63d


Pantone 292C
CMYK C47 M12 Y0 K0
RGB R114 G193 B255
Hex #72c1ff


C0 M0 Y0 K0
RGB R255 G255 B255


Source Sans Pro Light 
ABCDEFGHIJKLMANÑOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789 ‘ ? ! ” ( % ) # @ / & < – + ÷ × = > $ € : ; , . *

Source Sans Pro Regular
ABCDEFGHIJKLMANÑOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789 ‘ ? ! ” ( % ) # @ / an&< – + ÷ × = > $ € : ; , . *



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