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liligo.com is a travel search engine with a mission: to make your travel planning easy and efficient. Searching all available flight, car sharing, bus and train prices from a wide range of travel sites such as online travel agencies, major and low-cost airlines and tour operators, our aim is to find the best price for your trip. We also compare hotel and car hire prices, so however you want to travel – we’ve got you covered. Neither an online travel agency, nor an airline, nor a tour-operator, liligo.com searches all the sites you know (and some you may have missed). Liligo.com doesn’t sell you anything – we’re simply here to make finding the right trip for you as hassle free as possible. After all, you have better things to do. We don’t.

Thanks for your interest in Liligo. We have a few guidelines for using our brand resources—please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them. You can download individual assets in each section. If you want everything, use the button below to download a .zip file:

Logo in color and icon:


Liligo vibrant green
Hex #C9EE00
RGB R201 G238 B0
CMYK C27 M0 Y100 K0

Liligo UI green
Hex #74BD56
RGB R117 G189 B102
CMYK C60 M0 Y90 K0

Liligo dark blue
Hex #123A4D
RGB R18 G58 B77
CMYK C95 M55 Y20 K60

Liligo orange
Hex #FF5600
RGB R255 G86 B0
CMYK C0 M80 Y100 K0


Open Sans Light 
ABCDEFGHIJKLMANÑOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789 ‘ ? ! ” ( % ) # @ / & < – + ÷ × = > $ € : ; , . * 

Open Sans Semibold
ABCDEFGHIJKLMANÑOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789 ‘ ? ! ” ( % ) # @ / an&< – + ÷ × = > $ € : ; , . * 

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