We're pleased to help brands and Trading Desks to run their programmatic campaigns using eDreams ODIGEO premium inventory and targeting.


Brands can buy eDreams ODIGEO inventory through Google AdX. Here’s the deal: we offer you eDreams ODIGEO's most viewable placements and also give you access to eDreams ODIGEO First Party Data through PMPs.


Do not run out of impressions!

If you use DBM's platform, you can close a PG deal with eDreams ODIGEO to ensure your campaigns deliver the impressions needed. Also, try Audience Guaranteed if you want to target specific users.


Reach the audiences that matter most, do not limit your campaigns by only using our inventory. If you prefer, buy our data instead.

We can push data segments directly to your DSP seat in a couple of days. The price is on a CPM basis and all the invoicing is done through the DSP.


One of eDreams ODIGEO most promising products: let us run a programmatic campaign on your behalf using our Google DSP and our data.

As we own our First Party Data, we achieve cheaper costs and can deliver outstanding results!

KPIs such as conversions, clicks, CTR, CPA, or ROI can be defined and our traders can optimize the campaign according to them.

Some important details

Only DESKTOP inventory
Google AdX
Black List
All competitors and main Airlines in our core-markets are blacklisted on our inventory. Audience Extension is the best way to buy on our data while avoiding this blacklist