Data segmentation

Reach the perfect target for your campaign with our high quality Audience segmentation.

First Party Data
Our Audience Segments are created direcly from the searches made on our sites
None of our Audience Segments are mixed with data from Third Party Data Partners
Fresh Data
All eDreams ODIGEO segments created depending on our clients needs and they are updated in real time
Cross-Site, Cross device
Profiles are created while navigating through our apps as well as the mobile and desktop websites
Travel Demographic Behavioral segments
iconos_edreams-02.pngOrigin iconos_edreams-10.pngAge Interested in:

  • Specific events
  • Automotive
  • Running
  • Ski
  • Music festival
  • Trade fairs
  • Promotions...
iconos_edreams-05.pngDestination iconos_edreams_mesa_de_trabajo_11.pngGender
iconos_edreams-08.pngDates iconos_edreams-04.pngGEO
iconos_edreams-09.pngCabin class iconos_edreams-07.pngDevice (desktop, tablet, mobile)  
iconos_edreams-06.pngPre-trip duration