Meet your customer

Reach a new and highly engaged audience. Let us guide your customers from their needs to your solutions.

Decision maker

More than 50% of travellers make decisions about destinations while surfing the website 5% of them declare to take a trip they had never thought about because they were inspired by our customized products.

Customer Know How

Two decades experience in e-commerce consumer behaviour. User experience is our key driver at eDreams ODIGEO.

Travellers savvy

More than 18 million shopping decisions tracked generating one of the world’s biggest data base.


Online travel agents are top three information sources for travellers researching destinations

Cross-Site, Cross device

60% of travellers head to their laptops or desktops when researching destinations

Customer journey

Impact your customer when their mind is set

From Branding to Performance
grafico Awareness Purpose Evaluation Purchase Interest Consideration
Microsite, Blog, Home page, Newsletters, Social Media
Home page, Results page, Push notifications
Confirmation email, Confirmation page
Pre tip
Newsletter, Push notifications, Microsite (to present activities, travelling tips, etc,)
While traveling
Mobile device communication
Post trip