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As the leading OTA in Europe, our Media Services team works with Destinations and Airlines worldwide to help them reach the right audience to hit their performance and branding goals.

Our team of dedicated Business Development experts design custom advertising campaigns using a wide range of products made for the tourism industry. Our expert Account Managers and Ad Operators guide clients through the campaign delivery process.

Given the great amount of data we have from our users' behaviour, all the campaign factors are based on internal data of markets, timings, duration, trends and user profile.

eDreams is one of the world’s leading online agencies; a true disruptor in the online travel booking sector since its foundation in 1999 in Silicon Valley. The business puts cutting-edge technology solutions to work on behalf of travellers worldwide. It offers the widest choice of flights from nearly 700 airlines as well as the greatest variety of hotels, flight + dynamic hotel packages, car rentals and travel insurance products.

Founder of eDreams Prime, the very first subscription programme ever created in travel, eDreams is revolutionising the way people search for, book and enjoy travel. eDreams is part of the eDreams ODIGEO Group, one of the world’s largest online travel companies serving 20 million customers globally.


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Business Development/Partnership Manager
Your first point of contact, dedicated to understanding your goals and designing a custom proposal based on internal data and deep knowledge of the market. The BDM will guide you through anything you may need when defining the best possible campaign for you.
Dedicated Account Manager
In charge of executing the campaign, setting up the perfect creatives and making sure the promotional materials are in line with both your brand and eDreams ODIGEO. They will suggest any optimisation updates throughout the campaign and keep you updated with custom reporting.
Ad Operations Campaign Manager
Working behind the scenes to make sure the campaign delivery is done on time and meets the objectives. They work closely with the account managers on any necessary changes and optimisation points. They bring deep knowledge of the entire digital marketing world to the partnership.
Given the huge amount of user data we have, our specialised analysts work on identifying travellers’ behaviour and market trends to keep you updated of what’s going on in the leisure industry and advise you about how best to apply this knowledge to reach your specific objectives.

With over 10 years of experience in the Digital Marketing and Partnerships world, Nathalie passionately leads our team of experts at eDreams ODIGEO Media Services, ensuring excellence in the services provided to our Destinations and Airlines partners.

“At eDreams, we want our partners to be top of mind of our customers and are innovating with a suite of products able to influence branding and performance objectives.

By focusing exclusively on Airlines and Tourism Boards advertisers, we want to make sure we are driving impactful marketing campaigns throughout the whole travellers cycle from consideration to post trip.

As the European reference OTA for Tourism Media Investments, our partners are connected with our travellers through data driven strategy, inspiration and innovation”.

Prime, innovation in travel

Prime is a ground-breaking subscription program within travel that provides a winning proposition for our customers and partners. Our 5.4 million Prime members have access to exclusive offers and dedicated discounts.

Destinations are eligible to partner in this program with a dedicated media package and reach this exclusive and highly engaged audience.

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